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The Farm 51is a company with history. Since 2005 we specialize in advanced action games, the most demanding video game market which enjoys great popularity among gamers worldwide. For us, game development is not only work. In this industry, you have to be passionate about what you do, and this we are. Curently we produce two games.

We create Get Even as a first-person action game equally focused on combat and exploration with some investigation and puzzling elements at the top. Players are using sophisticated weapons, VR and hi-tech gadgets, fighting in realistic locations but also exploring them in search for the information.

World War 3 is free-to-play multiplayer, online FPS that combines foot and vehicle based combat for 32 vs 32 players. It is set on the modern Battlefield and combines AAA quality graphics and gameplay with intense PvPvE action. Set in a fictitious global scale conflict in the 3rd decade of 21st century, the game focuses on key features: national pride and interactive frontlines constantly evolving and based on battle scores and strategic in game decisions.

However, The Farm 51 is not only about games. In 2015, we have created a separate team that works solely on developing the innovative technology called Reality 51, which takes virtual reality beyond gaming. First VR apps will make their debut any moment from now. The Farm 51 has the ambition to be one of the technology pioneers, as well as one of the first content authors and creators. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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