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Game Producer (PM)




3-5 years

Work city:






Producer will be responsible for the development (team, deadlines, content) of Social, iPhone and next-gen console games.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Assign tasks and manage projects for teams of designers, programmers, artists and quality assurance testers
  • Overseeing quality in different areas of development: game design, art, programming
  • Macro- and micro-organizing the team, planning and following up on the different production cycles: pitch, concept, design documentation, mock-up, alpha, beta, gold
  • Ensure communication with Gameloft HQ producers and QA teams in other studios for project follow-up
  • Ensure communication with other development studios in our foreign offices for projects produced outside of Lviv

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Previous experience as Producer in games or similar field
  • Good knowledge of the video games industry and digital entertainment
  • Strong organizational skills and a rigorous, hard-working attitude
  • Able to manage, motivate and work with a team under pressure
  • Able to report to supervisors clearly and thoroughly
  • Able to work in English on a daily basis (writing, speaking, managing, conveying ideas)
  • Passion for video games
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