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Game Designer




3-5 years

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Game Designer

Game Designers hold key role in the game development process being responsible for player’s experience and pathway inside the game. If compare a game with a construction of the building, Game Designer is an architect who produces the game rules, feature mechanics, participates in the story writing, level design, sets a task on creating all kinds of assets and ensures communication within the team. In the development process Game Designer builds game prototypes and assesses the risks relying on opinions of other team members and own experience. Game Designer reports directly to Producer and might be involved into the discussion with Management considering project scope and features.


  • Developing the game project vision with Creative Director guidance
  • Documenting the solutions considering game mechanics and making them available to the team including Artists, Programmers, and Producers. Updating / improving project documentation with its development on a regular basis
  • Taking active part in the game prototyping and debugging; working with game/resource editors, graphics software and scripting
  • Creating a level design considering such aspects of Player’s experience as dynamics, complexity and learning curve
  • Developing, prototyping and polishing user interface considering ergonomic and artistic values. Making user interface both player-friendly and promoting in-game monetization.
  • Cooperating with other team members in the implementation process and bringing up ideas that will improve quality of the game.
  • Ensuring that Player’s Experience reaches Gameloft level of quality and is at the decent competitive level.

Applicant Profile:

  • Fluent English (full working proficiency), ability to work in multinational team
  • Passion to video games of various genres
  • Deep knowledge of the mobile games market and PC/console games, rich gaming experience
  • Understanding game design theoretical fundamentals
  • Ability to code in at least one programming language at the high-school student level. Understanding the principles of OOD
  • Understanding of ergonomics and visual aesthetics values, fundamentals of composition and color, psychological principles of perception
  • Understanding of the basics of Free To Play monetization techniques. Insight on the monetization of top grossing mobile games
  • Flexibility of the mind, pragmatism and perfectionism

Preferred skills and background:

  • Good knowledge of scripting languages
  • Spatial imagination, ability to work with 3D graphics
  • Experience using game editors (e.g. UDK, Unity, Hammer)
  • Experience in scriptwriting/directing
  • Indie-development experience or building mods for existing games
  • Having experience in the game industry is not a mandatory requirement, we appreciate the knowledge, discipline, communication skills and talent of our candidates
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